Hengrove Bristol, The "Adam Dear Gap"

Did a gap today at Hengrove in Bristol that I am not sure has been done before, I once seen a video of an amazing rider known as Adam Dear try this gap a long time ago at a jam but sadly he did not clear it and got pretty seriously injured..Well today I decided to send it a few times and even found the idiocy to do some tricks over it, this video was the only one that was filmed though, the first no hander was better but this back wheel lander will have to do:) Still, had an amazing ride with my friends and we all did something good that today. Just another Sunday to us haha.

Marcin Oskiera

Who is this guy?

Well I met this technical wizard whilst in Poland and I see him once a year doing the coolest techical riding with a big smile on his face....We don't say that much to each other but we always have something cool to say when we do speak, this time Marcin simply gave me the link to this video and I thought it was amazing, love his down whip footjams, they are nuts...what do you think of the video?

We take Allot of Pictures...

...but what do you ever do with them other than leave them on your computer untill they clog up too much space? So I thought to clear my computer of some old images I would start posting some random photos that I have taken over the time to show and let you see for yourself. what do you think of these puppies...
Eastbourne with Ed, Josh Cox & Cooper
Demo with my Red beast
Before Corby trails were Open
Going Places Always
This was a handmade ramp made by locals of a town that moved away from society in Copenhagen. The place was amazing, they sell drugs and don't allow cameras but it was truly amazing, everyone socialized and people were good to each other, really loved this place. google it "Christiana" 
Ogonki Poland 
No Caption Needed
Portable quarter Pipe Show
Ben Panting On the way to Trails
Kelly Bolton Reading Porn
Boys pre-contest Poses!
Eastern Bikes Foundation Bmx Visit Crew
Crucial Bmx Shop Is Nuts.