Just another skatepark shutdown...

In two frames of mind whether to go to to trails in Yeovil or ride st.George's in Bristol, Matt appears at my door and to his surprise i was dressed way smarter than him and I hadn't even been at work!
I always tell you that me and Matt have funny conversations but I can never remember what they are about which does not help but he did show me a video of a Ethiopian guy on top of a train that touches a power line and just booms into fire!...What an idiot why touch a power cable?
We saw Ilchester park and stopped there for a quick warm up and I did an opposite 360 over the box 2nd go wich I was chuffed about and Matt got bummed by a little kid that kept saying "nice trick mate I'm shit but your real good" and blah blah blah
Then off to Sherbourne...On the way we seen a jogger with a hat on and Lycra and he had a tiny tash so he fully looked like Hitler but in running gear, I also shouted "lets have a go on your girlfriend" to some unhappy looking college chap who then looked less happy after I had said the comment.
We got a bit lost and came to find the park from a really ass-backwards route but hey, It's not a road trip if you know where you are going right?
we got out the car and said some welsh things then we picked up the bikes over our heads then walked through a really f;'#king awkward gate then into the field. Then we rode the wrong way as we seen the park over the other direction to where we were riding and so we rode towards the park, Then we came to a fence so we were in the wrong field anyway! Back through the gate...Then we get into the correct field and start rolling across the grass up to the secluded park surrounded by a few walls to keep it nice and quiet.PERFECT.
It has a long as wide awesome quarter and a 4ft jump box that kicks like a game of buck buck buckaroo! Here is the fun me and Matt had and you can see how high we were sending it pretty easy...We need new stunts tho we decided. Lol then on our way home Matt drops me off outside the lesure centre and smacks a footy shirt on then runs into the centre with 1 minute to go befor his football match started where he plays football with a bunch of goths! What a guy!
Thanks again Matty C =)

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