Little Nikki - Where I'm coming from

I got a phone call from an absolutely top notch flatland rider one day saying "hey do you want to do some work?", I, sat in my pjams still having only just come off a broken leg decided to say yes and the next thing you knew I was on my way to London to ride the infamous playstation park which was bought out by xbox (insert overwhelming irony message) and then changed to the Nike skatepark called bay66. None the less this place was dope, great colour schemed park with a hydraulic ramp systems which I've never seen before and I had a blast being paid to have fun all day. Heres the video

Not that I wan't to miss out on doing shows in my bmx career but by the 4th hour of having this track blasted through my ears I still couldn't understand where she was coming from or what message she wanted to tell me Heres the video, Big shout to Matti Hemmings