Sunday stunt team for hire!

Sunday-literally amazing, Ben had the van and matt had the car and we all met at 10am to set off (well 20 past seeing as Ben and Lippy take their sweet as time getting dressed like gays) and we all make the journey to Dorchester where Maverick skateparks have built a new park.
As soon as me and Matt are in the car we start talking about stories again and Matt was telling me how he fishes at this place but not like everyone else. Regular people will turn up and find the right place then leave their line out all day he tells me then he just pulls up after riding and walks around the outside of the pond/lake/watever and just catches them. As he told me he 'HOOFS' them up...Wat a hunter.
I was all about shouting abuse today for example shouting nice puppys to a woman, but she did have two dogs she was walking and that was the suggestive joke. And shouting "hey girls" and all the random shit a lad like myself shouts.
We get to dorchester and were all like "ok so where is the skatepark going to be?" and Ben in the van infront just asks this old man who is the first person he sees and blatenly wont know were the park is and the old man was like "oh yeah you take a left a right then your there" like wow ok sweet either he just fully knew were the park is or hes going to send us somewhere for being younger than him. Surly enough we arrive at the park and start getting ready to ride. Unlucky for wayne he fully had to fix a puntcure as soon as we got out the car.
The park was ace, it had good copings that did not stick out and they were raised just the right hieght. And it had a good set of local kids that were all riding becouse they loved it and not to be pro and do footjams like everyone else..It was a refreshing sight to see including a chick rider who was actually reall good doin no handers and stuff and she was treated no differently than anyone else so yeah that park has a good scene.
I kept rimming up and kids kept cutting Matt's lines up but other than that its worth a visit. We tryed to get Ben to do a whip air same time as Wayne but he fagged out and it never happend tho it woulda been a cool shot for this page hu?
I kept rimming up the spine and i even burnt my ass! Tho i did flip it pretty good i would say considering and there was an awesome poket extension thing at the park that i really liked and got on with. sweet deals baby!
Matt was hitting hips big and actually doing some more technical riding as he now has pegs on wich was cool. I fliped this volcano that i kept rimming up on pretty good i would say
Wayne has recently got his whip airs on lock down booming them out wenever he wants clean as a whilstle pedal pedal everytime and he was also shredding it up.I had a bad crash doing a no foot can on the volcano as i kicked the seat so i landed dead on my knees and it f';#king hurt so much. And lots of lil kids were jackniifing to wich helped the pain for me hahahaha.
Ben was being wierd throwing an axe into a tree then trying to hit it into the ground really close to his foot...What a dick!
Matt and Wayne had to go home to see their ladie friends so me Ben and Lippy went in the van and drove to ilchester park to ride for a few minuts.
The dick man story!
On the way to Ilchester some guy in a red car befor we know it slams the breaks on and makes us have to slam them on too...Now looking ahead of the car the road is totally clear and the docuh bag has nay reason to do such a thing , then he sped off. We followed on behind him and then he starts making the jerking actoin at us out the window so i started swearing at him and making him livid then he kept trying to suprise us by braking and stuff but he was having no affect. Then i start pretending to eat a vagina at him so im offending him and clearly he is crying about it as he starts making more hand guestures at us.. then later on he trys to speed off but it did not work again as were to quick in our van clearly! Then becouse he's a pussy he does not indicate then turns off so we swear at him and he speeds on into the distance. Just goes to show working a 9-5 job and coming home to a fat hungry bitch and an unwanted son can make you NUTS!
Ilchester was fun there was hardly anyone there just a few chavs, one of wich had a football shirt on saying MCLOVIN on it. I ate shit doing a tailwhip agan landin on my knees and i got my shred on this teeny box doing some trucks and stuff. I like it there -anyways here are the pictures.
Then without further adue we leave for Glastonbury.
Myself and Lippy put it on classic fm and start narrating a storie for Ben's life wich was pretty funny as we just watched his vacant expression carry along as we tore into him.
We had to take a detour to mcdonalds as Ben needed a huge turd and i needed some chicken in my day as i had not eaten anything other than a bag of skittles and a sandwich (oh yeah that had chicken and bacon in it duh!?) so we ate on a bench across from the Clarks shoe factory and we were discussing how it looks like it says clanks not clarks.
I also decided that this is not a red house also.
Then after that we went to the park to end the day and it was great to see that it wasnt even that bussy when we got there. Luke Palmer was down the park with his half black half white front braked up beast of a steed.He was doing some cool little things like front brake 360whips to fakie and general totally unique riding. I love watching that kid ride.
Lippy was shredding about utilising the whole park and really enjoying himself as he did at every stop to be honest, That kid is real good and is great to have about on the day trips cus he actually rides unlike the other kids we bring along who dont even crack any jokes to make up for not even riding.Plus he says "charleeee" all the time so thats a keeper right?
Anyways i was just floating about and doing some hop barspins of some ledges and did a really weird tailwhip but i landed it so all proceeds to me right?
Dont know what to say about Ben really hes just so good that his riding is so normal to me now that im speachless about the shit he does. I mean he did some rad whips and some rad 360s and hop saran wraps. allways killing it, and recently he has been riding allot better than usuall.
Well the day was amazing....Thanks Ben and Matt for driving me to the places and Wayne for shredding,Lippy for the jokes. It has truelly been awesome

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