Wales Visit

So Before I put the barrel of a gun in my mouth and bit the bullet or boredom, I spoke to my friend and decided we were going to wales the next day to prevent a second day of being lame on the internet... I woke up in the morning, Nice and early, No one else was usuing the bathroom which is always a treat to get first dibs, and upon ringing luc we were not sure what people were doing still. In the end I picked up Luc and Matt and we headed off to the first park. As soon as we had everyone in the car the conversations and stories as usual started to roll out and things became very funny very quickly and we even drove a good 20 odd miles the wrong direction for it, but not to worry, we then drove for about 40 mins looking for pontypool skatepark. The park was in the middle upper part of Pontypool but there were like only two roads from google map that either took you to the left or right side so it was bloody stupid trying to figure out how to get there. In the end we decided we were going to take the most manly means possible to find the park and just ask someone. That someone told us we were just round the corner from the park and it seemed like our problems were over! Untill we seen the most rammed car park ever and were not sure of the rules in wales, so we said fuck it, were parking here and if other cars can't get out thats their problem.haha
We eventually found the park and it was mint, lots of hips, a good box, spine and locals and even Nick Maddocks was there with his bad back to say hello. Nick ended up taking us to cwmbran park also.
This park was super fun, had some pikey local kids shouting for us to do backflips and calling us briv rather than bruv....yeah wales is an odd place thats for true! Luc was in full effect taking awesome photos and tailwhiping the box a treat, his 360s were even better and it was really good to see that side of Luc at a new park tearing it up in a way that he does not usually ride. Matt Cable was killing it, You porbably won't know but the guy has just had close to a year off his bike due to ligament surgery he had on his knee. Matt has been riding almost a month ish now and it has not slowed him down at all by the looks of it, still busting out stupid Un-Turndowns, still busting silly 360s and now hes doing it all better than before? It just aint right Matty, just aint right.

We had some pro photo's taken off us by Luc and then Nick Maddocks who is a dear old friend of mine who sadly could not really ride due to a bad back, he took us all the way to cwmbran skatepark for our final sesh of the day... This Park in cwmbran was ridiculouse, it was like the ramps were built upside down so the base of the ramps were super steep and transitiony, then the top half was pure vert wall! It was crazy. It took us all a good Half hour before we managed to get used to the park. It has some really good hips at the back And I had a go at my first down whip on a hip which I surprisingly Nailed first go, and I am still stoked about it now 12 hours on writing about it.
After all our shredding was done and My peg snapped off, we fucked about and I made a how to turndown video, then we went off into the sunset and talked about the day and previouse life experiences and came home beign a little bit better friends than we were before the trip...Bmx life is amazing.

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