A funny thing happend to me once...

This is A copy and paste from a comment I made to a friend on myspace..It's pretty funny and it actually happend to me!
"So i got added on msn by some chick that says shes 18 and she sounds intrested in myself... things get to were they do and she starts sending pics of herself naked befor i was even aware.she was a stunner and i didnt understand thisshe then says shes from weston wich is even more amazing and that she drives,then she said were you at so i can come pick you up and then she listed of thes sexual acts she was thinking of doing to me. i am now thinking okay well see for once were this goes no fagging about.so i wait at a carpark for her as i aint giving out my addresse and this car evenutally pulls into this car park with wat appeared to be a guy in the car... i was then liek shit im gunna get mugged and so i texted your a guy? to the suposed girl and then the car comes up to me and the window rolls down and dun dun duuun! ITS ONLY A FUKIN MAN! like saying "i tild you i was on my girfriends msn" i was like" wtf man im not gay wat the hells going on you fuking told me you wanted to suck my dick and watch porn!"he said no such thing then i was like no luck for you pal then he drove off! i made sure he was ling gone befor sneeking back homewat a fuking calamity ! lesson learned! ah man that was sooo uber bad i cant believe it! " LOL!

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  1. Anonymous9/22/2009

    haha! wat a f*ckin freak xD